Three Amazing Diving Accessories For The Action Camera

Saving underwater explorations is becoming widespread inside the diving community. Prices have fallen, and as motion camera technology has increased, the planet of HD is becoming available to simply about everyone.

There are lots of different motion cameras readily available for diving; some are made especially for the activity, while other, multi purpose cameras could be changed into underwater cameras with utilization of additional components.

Listed here are three diving accessories, for the Move HD, 2 distinct motion cameras as well as the GoPro HD.

Move HD Waterproof Case

The Move HD is among the world’s most versatile cameras; a wideangle lens, full-hd recording along with an integral color LCD display are simply a number of functions which make this camera so favored by action sports lovers, world-over.

The Move is usually related to activities completed on snow or dust, for example skiing and cycling. Those attempting to make the most of all of the Moveis functions below the dunes, may do so utilizing the Move HD Underwater Case.

This can be a should have item for Move homeowners who prefer to get wet!

From skydiving to wakeboarding perhaps the most used camera on the planet, the GoPro HD can be used for each activity possible. The GoPro features 170-degree wideangle lens, full 1080p saving and 11 megapixel still image features.

The GoPro is available in three activity-specific plans, among which, the GoPro HD Hero2 Search Version, lends itself completely to diving. As the Search Hero is a superb diving camera in its right, there is an item available that is destined to inspire individuals with a significant attention for underwater photography – the BlurFix Contact for GoPro HD.

Installing any camera within the GoPro variety, the BlurFix Contact is just a professional-quality marine lens which supplies a larger quality of video, in almost any marine scenario. Furthermore, this lens won’t haze, and certainly will be utilized without any vignetting above water.

GoPro Dive Housing

A quickly-to-be-launched item for that GoPro HD may be the anticipated GoPro Jump Property.

The GoPro Jump Property includes a big, glass flat lens, which enhances marine sharpness, getting full benefit of the 1080p recording quality of the GoPro. The property enables you to take right down your GoPro to 60m, and limbs in most answers without any vignetting. So whether you are exploring accidents, caves, or corals, quality underwater video is guaranteed.

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