How Using a Rangefinder Can Help Your Game

So you bought into the craze and got a rangefinder. Regardless of which kind you bought, optical, laser, or GPS, they are all made for one thing, to help calculate distance between you and another point. They aren’t necessary and if you don’t have one it doesn’t make you any less of a golfer, but if you want to become a better golfer, than having one could benefit you greatly.

It Can Help You Pick the Right Club…With Practice

The rangefinder will not tell you which club shoots what distance until you’ve played with it and recorded it. This is where the rangefinder comes in. You will get an accurate distance and also a distance as to how far you’ve actually hit the ball with a certain club. This requires taking notes (some rangefinders will allow you to record all of this in the device and then you can review it later or have it recommend a club for you) and then knowing where the notes are. But this will help you in the future pick a club that will work better for the distance that you are trying to go.

It Can Improve Your Confidence

When you know which club to pick and how far you are hitting, having a rangefinder can help you increase your confidence on the course. You’ll have a ton of information available to you for your use and knowing, like above, which club to use will greatly improve your ability to look the part on the greens. Imagine knowing what the distance is and going to your bag, picking out a club without hesitation, and getting it on your mark. How awesome would you feel? That’s the confidence that this can help you with.

Motivation and Speed of Play

When the game is slow, it can easily wash away the motivation that everyone had and excitement when the game started. Someone always has that one friend, that one person that just takes forever. If that person is you, than this could be helpful, because it will help you to understand the course a bit better and feel better about pulling out that iron. No it’s not a magic hat but if you can keep the motivation going, and having a rangefinder can help with that because there is less time to measure the distance.


Again, you can’t use a rangefinder in a tournament, especially one that measures slopes (and it can’t be turned off), but you can use it for your casual games and your practicing. Take it to the driving range and use it there, record the distances with your different clubs which can help you determine which one to use when you are actually playing a game with your friends. Try it out and you might be pleasantly surprised at the increase in your abilities and the decrease in your total strokes.  If you are looking to be better and want something that can help you, invest in a rangefinder, review the ones at Top Golf Rangefinders and watch your game get better.