Physiotherapy For Sports Rehabilitation

As there is a great amount of physical activity involved in sports, the players are very much vulnerable to injuries. Sports rehabilitation and treatment depends on different aspects such as the effected body part and the seriousness of the injury.

If you have suffered a mild sprain or strain, the following methods can be used for cure:

  • The payer is supposed to protect the affected body part from any further injury
  • In case of pain or fatigue, the player must take proper rest. If needed, crutches or walking stick can be used to protect the injured ankle or knee.
  • In case of swelling, you can apply ice packs for up to half an hour. The ice packs should be wrapped in a towel to avoid any ice burns. The elastic compression bandages can also be used to limit the swelling.
  • Different painkillers such as aspirin, ibuprofen, paracetamol, etc can be taken to heal the pain that is created by fractures and sprains. However, aspirin is not really meant for those who are yet to be of 16 years.
  • In case of injuries, make sure you restrict your movements as much as possible in order to give rest to the injured body part. Sling can also be used to immobilize an arm or shoulder. A foam rubber leg immobilizer can also be used to protect the knee. Plastic splints can also be used that are useful in safeguarding the bones.
  • If there is constant inflammation, cortisone could also be injected in the bruised part that can help prevent pain. However, these injections should not be used more than twice in 6 months time.
  • Methods related to physiotherapy such as manipulation and massage can be used to heal pain at the sports rehabilitation newmarket Massaging helps increase the flow of blood in the damaged part and also can enhance its flexibility.
  • Activities such as swimming and walking are highly recommended as they strengthen the muscles which will help in preventing injuries
  • Heat treatments can also be used to cure injuries. Lamps or heat pads are used for this purpose.
  • Ultrasound therapy treatments are very much similar to massaging as it helps increase the blood flow to the affected body part.
  • In cases that involve extreme injuries, corrective surgeries are needed. Broken bones can be fixed by using screws, plates, wires and rods.
  • Rehabilitation generally is about bringing an injured part back to normal via slow exercise and movement, and this is what makes it an integral part of sports rehabilitation.

In order to effectively deal with sports injuries, the assistance of professional medical experts must be hired. And there can be no better place to consider than sports rehabilitation newmarket.