Why You Might Consider Filing for Disability

People who suffer serious long-term injury or develop an illness that impacts their ability to earn a living usually realize quickly when it is time to file a disability claim. However, the decision is not that simple for many individuals who suffer from a looming medical condition that will obviously worsen over time. Many people still continue to work because of the struggle associated with the time period it takes to get disability benefits started. The Social Security Administration is well-known for taking their time before issuing a disability ruling. Disability rulings for individuals who are eligible for Social Security Disability Insurance commonly take one year to finalize the claim, and often cases that are contested by the SSA or state Department of Disability Determinations take much longer. There are also two different programs with differing rules for qualification and many times a disabled individual may qualify for one while waiting on a long-term ruling. What this means for the claimant is that it may be possible to be approved for benefits at an earlier age than the legal age qualification. Regardless of the situation, it always takes an experienced disability specialist to handle the case because they can get complicated and be strongly defended by the government or other retirement approval board.

When You Experience Physical Problems at Work

There are two primary records the Social Security Administration will be using. Those are medical records and work history records. Disability rulings are issued based on the type of work the applicant has traditionally held during their working career. Employment that required extensive manual labor may be considered differently than from sedentary employment such as clerical work. Anyone who is having problems with a nagging injury at work and is experiencing significant pain should seek medical attention and consider filing as soon as possible. Chronic pain is a sign that something is seriously wrong and often these medical problems associated with work will remain throughout life, such as back injuries or repetitive motion disorders. It is always best to file as soon as possible because mobility and quality of life can be improved more so than waiting until it is absolutely necessary to file, as many people do.

When You Can Qualify for Supplemental Security Income Immediately

The rules of approval for an SSI claimant are a bit different from those pursuing an SSDI ruling. SSI disability rulings only last for one year and re-evaluation is common for people under 50 who have only mental issues that qualify them for the benefit. A disability claim is actually about being unable to work and not necessarily specifically about the disability. The ruling can be an advantage, but the benefits are based on substantial gainful employment rating, or the SGE. This program is easier to achieve qualification, especially when the disabled applicant has very little assets. The six-month time period of inability to work does not apply to SSI applicants and benefits can begin much quicker than SSDI benefits.

When Your Condition is on the Approved Disability Register

Many people have physical conditions or disorders that are already determined as disabilities by the SSA. These disabilities are already posted on the SSA official website and can be easily accessed. However, it is important to remember that even an automatic claim will take some time and probably still be denied on the initial application in order to better evaluate the condition and establish significant medical evidence for the record, including being referred to a SSA doctor who will diagnose the disorder for the agency. This is still awaiting process, but the wait is normally not as long as a standard disability claim that must be appealed multiple times. And, always remember the rules change at age 50 as well, especially for individuals who cannot find employment.

Anyone in the Salt Lake area who may be immediately eligible for disability benefits should contact the Summit Disability Law Group for a full evaluation. Some claims qualify immediately when the applicant has a solid and comprehensive disability counsel handling the claim.